About Birthing Naturally

Privately run by Sandy Standish, Birthing Naturally is the environment for every pregnant woman wanting a supportive, nurturing birth experience. Birthing Naturally offers both natural and hospital births for expectant moms throughout Cape Town.
Offering a new way of birthing, Birthing Naturally is the future of obstetrics. An all-inclusive environment at home or in the hospital is the way Birthing Naturally is run by the experienced midwife, Sandy Standish.

Every birth is different. However, Birthing Naturally cares for every woman giving them  the confidence in themselves, their bodies, and their babies to trust the process of birth and surrender to it while knowing that they will be supported throughout this empowering experience. 

Your expert midwife, Sandy, will be there for this journey to support you, and finally bring your little baby into the world in a gentle manner that is right for you. 

"Find the balance. Trust the process."

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