Sr Sandy Standish has been a midwife since 1986. She worked at Mowbray Maternity Hospital until 1991 when she moved to Vincent Pallotti Hospital where she worked until 1994. It was in 1994 that Sandy started Midwives Inc with fellow midwife, Joy McPherson, whereby they both offered Midwife Deliveries in private hospitals and homebirths. Joy was inspired to set up an independant practice by a friend from overseas who worked in a birthing unit and Sandy felt inspired after having giving birth at home herself. 

In 1997 Sandy gave birth to her 5th child, a daughter born at home under the care of Joy. Sandy did not work as intensively as a midwife following the birth of the baby, so as to spend time with her baby. She subsequently got divorced and started working again, this time at Constantiaberg Hospital and then moved to Liesbeck Active Birth Unit which is a private section attached to Mowbray Maternity Hospital.

As Sandy's youngest daughter got older, she slowly began building up her private clients again and in 2006 she teamed up with Sr Jenny Visser working in the Northern Suburbs but unfortunately the distance to travel to births were too great. As of 2007 Sandy focused on building up her own private practice and decreasing her hours that she spent working at the Active Birth Unit.

As private midwives have left Cape Town, or resigned/retired from midwifery, the demand for her services have dramatically increased so from 2011 she was able to leave the Active Birth Unit and focus her full attention on her own private midwifery practice.

Of Sandy's 5 children, 4 were born at home, all were breastfed for varying lengths (from 3months to 3 years) - she therefore has a wealth of practical, hands-on mothering experience and 25 years experience in the birthing field.

Photo Credit: Blomerus Photography